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Traffic Accident Report 2023: DPolG and BVST Call for Increased Traffic Controls!

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Accident figures could be significantly reduced.

At the end of February, the German Federal Statistical Office presented the preliminary traffic accident figures for the year 2023. A total of 2,830 people died in traffic accidents on German roads - 1.5 percent or 42 more people than the previous year, as announced by the Federal Statistical Office citing preliminary results. Approximately 364,900 people were injured in traffic accidents in 2023, one percent more than in 2022.

The German Police Union (DPolG) and the Federal Association of Traffic Safety Technology (BVST) view the development with concern. They demand increased traffic controls, especially through speed monitoring. DPolG Federal Chairman Rainer Wendt stated: "Wherever speed controls are increased, accident numbers subsequently decrease. If we finally increase the deployment of mobile and stationary control points with prudence, we can make a significant contribution to improving traffic safety."

Gerrit Palm, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Association of Traffic Safety Technology (BVST), said: "The high number of traffic accidents that increased again in 2023 is extremely alarming. Disregard for traffic rules is on the rise and is a frequent cause of serious traffic accidents. Distraction by mobile phones and particularly excessive speed are the most common causes of traffic accidents and contribute mostly to the high accident figures. In addition to educational campaigns, BVST, like DPolG, calls for stricter control and punishment of traffic violations. Only in this way can we sustainably improve traffic safety and achieve the goal of Vision Zero." Source: German Police Union in the DBB / DPolG Federal Leadership

Quelle: Deutsche Polizeigewerkschaft im DBB / DPolG-Bundesleitung

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