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Protect Life - How it works

Analyses by the German Federal Statistical Office clearly show that many drivers do not adjust their speed appropriately. But does this also lead to more accidents? The answer is clearly "yes". In fact, 30.2 per cent of road deaths can be attributed to excessive speed - without forgetting the many people who are injured or seriously injured. Interestingly, most accidents occur within built-up areas, but more accidents are fatal outside the city limits. It is undeniable: speed is a decisive factor in the frequency and severity of road accidents.

By reducing speeds on the spot with our products, you reduce the risk of accidents, because shorter braking distances are the decisive step in protecting lives. Act now: Protect Life!

A simple calculation for measurably more safety!

Speed 50 km/h
Reduction by 0 km/h
Braking distance m

Braking distance

0,0 m 0

Our tools for your speed management

DSD radar speed displays  
DSD speed displays are the proven solution for effective speed control. Continuously developed for 25 years, they offer the best visibility and rely on the latest sensor technology in combination with a sophisticated LED display.

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DSD Multi-Display System
The versatile information display can be flexibly adapted to a wide variety of situations. Use the DSD flex to announce events, issue warnings, share up-to-date information or simply help to reduce speeds.

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SDR radar traffic classifier 
Do you need precise traffic data to plan speed reduction measures? With the SDR radar traffic classifier, you can record which vehicle classes are travelling at which speeds in up to 2 opposing lanes at the same time. 

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