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How good is the air quality?
How high is the noise exposure?

Air quality and air pollution control are becoming increasingly important. With the new IOT Air Green environmental boxes, cities and municipalities can collect air quality data locally in real time. Calibration of the network takes place via our cloud. In this way, historical data can be analyzed at one location and forecasts of future developments can be made after 12 months.

Traffic data can be combined with air quality data on the myTrafficdata 2.0. As a result, all interested employees of a city or municipality have access to the relevant traffic and air data.

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AirGreen – Environmental Sensor

Measurement of environmental data
Measuring Environmental data with Airgreen

AirGreen is an IOT environmental sensor that delivers measured values every 5 minutes. These include noise, NO2 – nitrogen dioxide, O3 – ozone, PM 2.5 and PM 10 – particulate matter and CO2 – carbon dioxide. In addition, temperature, air pressure and humidity are transferred. It is cheap to purchase and operate.
With AirGreen, cities and municipalities are able to collect environmental data in addition to the existing environmental measuring stations on a scale and as required, and to obtain forecasts by means of the self-learning model even after one year. Combined with other traffic survey technologies, statements can be made on correlation, traffic volume and type as well as on environmental impacts.

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