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Are you looking for effective solutions to reduce speed?
Would you like to make the way to school safer?

We provide effective help for a variety of road safety issues. You can use our systems to record, save and display speeds or simply measure them. Additional warning lights and symbols warn road users about potential risks in advance.

Our display systems are the tool of choice to convince drivers to reduce their speed as they pass schools and nurseries or enter villages and reduced-speed zones. These systems, also known as speed display or dialogue display systems, can also help to reduce speed-related accidents on company property.

Our easy-to-use, web-based software myTrafficdata allows you to view reports and analyses any time and anywhere.

Product Solutions


DSD radar speed display light / smart / pro

Traffic safety with DSD

The DSD radar speed display is the ultimate speed reduction tool. In addition to displaying a vehicle’s current speed in green (provided it is below the programmed maximum speed) or in red (if exceeding the speed limit), it also shows the driver a smiling or frowning face. This feedback system was invented by DataCollect and ensures high acceptance rates among drivers. The DSD is the original! It has modern sensor technology that can record speeds starting at 3 km/h so it can be used even in pedestrian zones. Even better: the non-breakable, lightweight device can be installed by a single person in only 5 minutes.

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DSD flex traffic message board

Traffic safety with DSD flex

The DSD flex can be used as a speed display sign, a message board display or a combined speed and message board display. During heavy traffic volumes the speed including behavioural feedback can be displayed, e.g. a smiley or sad face. During low-traffic volumes the display can become a compact message board/information sign. Local events can be advertised or road warnings concerning accidents or adverse weather conditions can be broadcast. Regardless of the mode in which the DSD flex is operated, traffic data is always recorded bidirectionally to give accurate speed and volume data.

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eGuard Black spot warning system

Traffic safety with eGuard

The eGuard black spot warning system will detect all incoming vehicles by the use of it is integrated radar sensor. If the speed limit (posted or user defined) is exeeded the eGuard will warn the vehicle driver by activating the high power LED-flasher.

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