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Origin/destination survey

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Distribution of traffic flow?
How busy are the roads?

Origin/destination surveys are an important tool for transportation planners. How busy are the roads? How does traffic move through the city? Does traffic need to be re-routed? Our monitoring systems help us to determine the path an object took between two data collection points.

Our easy-to-use, web-based software myTrafficdata allows you to view reports and analyses any time and anywhere.

Product Solutions


ARGOS mobile

Measuring Origin/destination survey with ARGOS mobile

Next-level traffic data collection! Mobile traffic object analysis system with artificial intelligence and computer vision. For use at traffic hubs (records turning behaviour including vehicle classification), at roundabouts (records origin/destination traffic survey including vehicle classification) or on multi-lane roads (records vehicle volume, classification, and speed). The ARGOS mobile can classify ten types of vehicles, from bicycles to semi-trailers.

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ARGOS permanent

Traffic counting with ARGOS permanent

Source-to-destination traffic measurement with ARGOS permanent
ARGOS permanent is in an integrated camera system that analyses the traffic flows in the images on site and transmits them as raw data via an Ethernet connection or LTE to a background system selected by the customer. The data transmission takes place in real time. With ARGOS permanent traffic data can be collected at intersections, main roads and ungrown or undeveloped roundabouts. It is also ideal for bicycle and/or pedestrian counting in cross sections.

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