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NC350 traffic analyzer

Data collection on multi-lane roads
and in complex intersection situations.


The latest generation of traffic monitoring systems from the NC series allows precise traffic data collection, now also available in individual vehicle mode, i.e. each vehicle is recorded precisely down to the second it drove by.

While exporting the data to your PC and using it to generate reports, you can freely select interval times as well as length and speed limits, so you can stay completely flexible when analysing your data.

The NC350 is your solution for data collection on multi-lane streets and at complex intersections.

Your advantages


The NC350 communicates wirelessly using bluetooth technology


The NC350 can be installed and dismantled in a few minutes. Its inconspicuous design remains invisible to the driver.

Technical specifications
Dimensions(LxWxH) 181 x 118 x 13 mm
Weight0,59 kg
Ambient temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Speed measuring range8 km/h – 195 km/h
Memory 300.000 cars or 21 days
Communication USB or Bluetooth
Real timeYear, month, day,hour, minute, second
Sensor type GMR Sensor
Unitsmetrical or imperial
Housing material Aluminium
Energy supplyrechargeable lithium-ion battery
Energy 3.0 VDC upto 4.2 VDC power supply
Length classificationUp to 13 length classes can be selected, 90% +/- 1.22 m
Speed classificationUp to 15 classes can be selected, 90% +/- 6 km / h
Quantity recording 99%




The web-based program package myTrafficdata is the communication center for your NC Measurement system!

Full control and secure access at all times. Manage all of your data wherever you are. MyTrafficdata enables the creation of setup files, the visualization of graphics, statistics and reports, the administration of your system and the measuring points up to the processing of external data formats.

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LightWeight Design

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