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The web-based control center,
the future of your traffic data management!

The web-based myTrafficdata program package is the communication center for all systems of DataCollect Traffic Systems GmbH! Provides secure access to your traffic data and systems wherever you are. myTrafficdata enables the user to create setup files, visualize graphs and reports, management of his traffic networks / sites and to process external data formats.

The direct route to the web-based communication center


Bluetooth communication or direct GPRS connection

You have the choice

You can always upgrade your system. Via GPRS your system is always up-to-date. You can install the newest firmware or book new features, easy and comfortable from your workplace.


Reports - evaluation - extension

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Products / Software

myTrafficdata 2.0

The web-based communication center for ARGOS

Traffic data evaluation on a new level!


The web-based myTrafficdata 2.0 programme package was specially developed to work with the video monitoring system ARGOS. Create meaningful reports in seconds, manage your data collection points and make use of dynamic representations of traffic flow at intersections. Clearly display up to 11 different types of object classes in your PDF report or export the raw data as a *.csv or *.xls file. Your user ID and password allow you to access your data wherever you are.

MyTrafficData 2.0


vehicle classes
The direct route to the web-based communication center 2.0