Product / Measuring System

MID mobile information display

The new LED display system
for modern traffic management

Mobile Information display
Diverse areas of application

For accident or roadwork management, real-time traffic information, intelligent crowd/event management or for advertisements: this highly manoeuvrable, slim device can also be set up in hard to reach places in the city.

Excellent visibility

The extremely bright MID-LED displays can rotate 360°.

Flexible power source

Integrated solar or battery power allows you to place the MIDs anywhere, with no need to worry about electrical connections. The device can run for up to 8 weeks on solar power!

Customisable and easy to adjust.

The new variable traffic sign can be updated online at any time. You have direct control over designs, animation and integration of real-time data, using the web-based Traffic Fleet software.


Create a smart city together
with DataCollect and the MID system.

Application examples

We offer both models as a purchase and rental solution!

Technical specifications MID 750 MID 1350
Dimensions (L x H x W) 2,95 m x 1,49 m x 3,09 m 3,82 m x 1,71 m x 3,51 m
Transport mode dimensions (H x W x L)1,87 m x 1,49 m x 3,09 m2,81 m x 1,71 m x 3,51 m
Power supplySolar or battery operationSolar or battery operation
required driving license classDriving license class BDriving license class B96 / BE



Traffic Fleet

Control and manage your mobile information display online and directly, wherever you are, very easily with the web-based software Traffic Fleet!!

It’s easy to create images, text, and animation.

Create text in just a few clicks, add symbols or animations as desired, and then send them to one or more devices!

Easy-to-use calendar function

Take your time to prepare each signal or animation, and then decide when you want to display them, with a publication date and time down to the second!

Easy maintenance

View the status of all devices at a glance, including location, function and battery status (with low battery warning).

Information on travel times – directly on your MID

Directly display current traffic information using your MID system.

etube SDR
GPRS Connectivity

Mobile internet communication with your systems.

WebApp Shop
WebApp Shop

Various upgrades for your systems are available in the Webapp shop.

Flash Update
Flash Update

Firmware update without product return to factory.

Climate Proof
Climate Proof

Worldwide operation in different climate zones.

LightWeight Design
LightWeight Design

Lightweight means easy operation.

LowPower Design
LowPower Design

Enables minimal energy supply.

Smart Install
Smart Install

Installation done in minutes. Easy and safe!

Smart Install
Smart Communication

SmartLink, fast data transfer with our communication tools.

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