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eScan travel time scanner

Travel timing in place model-based estimation!



Efficient measurement via bluetooth®

The eScan travel time scanner records, encrypts, saves, and transfers bluetooth® data, allowing for exact calculation of travel times using several distance monitoring stations. Directly monitoring travel times provides for more accurate results than the model-based estimates usually used for such tasks!

Better planning capabilities with real-time monitoring

Exact travel time information helps to plan routes and times, e.g. to work, the airport, or in order to determine travel time for holiday trips. It improves the quality of traffic management systems, which in turn increases road users’ acceptance of such systems.

Your advantages


Flexible & exact
Determine the travel time between two defined locations or the dwell time on parking areas


Real-time measurement
Determine the traffic situation on routes in real-time.

Technical specifications
Sensor typeBluetooth® scan module, class1
Frequency868,3 MHz
CommunicationGPRS (global)
Ambient temperature- 20 °C - + 50 °C
Weight4,9 kg without battery
Dimensions (HxWxD)350 x 300 x 150 mm
Housing materialPP, PC
Additional features
UpdateFlash Update
Online / offline modeOnline = direct GPRS data transmit / offline = on-board data storage
myTrafficDataWeb-based application, reporting and data management software
Energy supply
AkkuPack12 V / 18 Ah rechargeable battery incl. connection cable
PowerUnit100 - 240 VAC main power supply incl. 12 V / 7 Ah rechargeable battery
SolarSystem50 / 85 W solar panel
SmartBracketPole mounting installation bracket
SmartBracket deepPole mounting installation bracket will carry a Powerpack or PowerUnit
Cabinet 1450 (large)To carry 2 pcs. 12 V / 18 Ah rechargeable batteries, solar regulator and fuse
GPRS modemInternal GPRS modem for global setup, monitoring and file transfer
WebappsAdditional features and functions are available via WebApp Shop and flash update
TripodHeavy duty steel or lightweight aluminum tripod for short term mobile measurement
LocksHeavy duty steel locks




The web-based program package myTrafficdata is the communication center for your eScan Bluetooth® travel time scanner!

Full control and secure access at all times. Manage all of your data wherever you are. MyTrafficdata enables the creation of setup files, the visualization of graphics, statistics and reports, the administration of your system and the measuring points up to the processing of external data formats.

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etube SDR
GPRS Connectivity

Mobile internet communication with your systems.

WebApp Shop
WebApp Shop

Various upgrades for your systems are available in the Webapp shop.

Flash Update
Flash Update

Firmware update without product return to factory.

Climate Proof
Climate Proof

Worldwide operation in different climate zones.

LightWeight Design
LightWeight Design

Lightweight means easy operation.

LowPower Design
LowPower Design

Enables minimal energy supply.

Smart Install
Smart Install

Installation done in minutes. Easy and safe!

Smart Install
Smart Communication

SmartLink, fast data transfer with our communication tools.


Power Supply


The SolarSystem in combination with the SolarPowerUnit contains a solar panel and a SmartBracket. The solid steel construction and the DataCollect Installation Concept* will allow a fast and secure installation at poles with a diameter up to 160 mm.

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The PowerUnit will enable the user to connect a main power source (110-240 VAC) to the DataCollect product range.The PowerUnit contains a power supply / charger, battery and fuse and will fit into the SmartBracket Deep battery bay.

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The AkkuPack (12V/18Ah maintenance-free sealed rechargeable battery with connection cable) enables the mobile operation of our systems. The AkkuPack will be inserted into the battery compartment of the system housing and allows an system operation up to 10 days. The battery can be charged by the DataCollect battery charger.

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The SmartBracket is the base of the DataCollect Installation Concept* for it is product range of SDR, eTube receiver station and the SolarSystem. The solid steel construction will allow a fast and secure installation at poles with a diameter up to 160 mm. The installation at poles with bigger diameter can be done via steel bands.

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High quality stainless Steel padlocks are compatible with all our products.

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Our eScan travel time scanner in action


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