HL eGuard 03

Black spot
warning system

  • eGuard Schulweg L 01
  • App eGuard 01
  • App eGuard 03
  • eGuard Parkhaus L 01

The eGuard system will detect all incoming vehicles by the use of it´s integrated radar sensor. If the speed limit (posted or user defined) is exeeded the eGuard will warn the vehicle driver by activating the high power LED-flasher.

The eGuard can be deployed at:

  • Unclear traffic situations
  • Hazardous traffic areas
  • One-way street
  • School and Kindergarten
  • Traffic calmed areas
  • Bicycle and pedestrian crossing areas
  • Production halls and industrial areas


Teaser eGuard Optionen 01

The eGuard can be deployed in different applications.

Teaser eGuard Geschwindigkeiten 02

Usable in various hazardous traffic situations. Graphic and speed threshold can be customized.

Teaser eGuard 02

The system in use in front of schools and kindergartens.

Teaser eGuard Industrie 01

Active labor protection for industrial purpose.

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Climate Proof

feature climate 01

Worldwide operation in different climate zones.

LightWeight Design

feature lightweight 01

Lightweight means easy operation.

LowPower Design

feature low power 05

Enables minimal energy supply.

Smart Install

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Installation done in minutes. Easy and safe!