Reduce drivers speed,
increase road safety!

Technical specifications
Display technologyHigh output LED (monochrome), tricolor LED (red, amber, green) optional
Sensor typeMicrowave
FrequencyTyp. 24,125 GHz
Output power5 mW
Radar rangeMin. 80 m; typ. 100 m; max. 120 m (passenger car)
Speed measuring range3 - 199 km/h or 2 - 130 mph
Resolution1 km/h or 1 mph
UnitsMetrical or english (imperial)
Memory512 kB (RAM buffered)
Data formatV entry, V exit (optional), date, time (PVR)
Data rateUp to 115200 baud
CommunicationBluetooth® (local) or GPRS (global)
Bluetooth® rangeFrontal up to 100 m (line of sight)
MonitoringOnline mode via smartphone or GPRS
SettingDataCollector, smartphone or via GPRS
Installation angleHorizontal 0 - 5°; vertical 0°
Ambient temperature- 20 °C - + 50 °C
Weight7,5 kg without battery
Dimensions (WxHxD)590 x 475 x 80 mm (without text panel)
Housing materialGalvanised steel / painted, windscreen polycarbonate
Additional features
UpdateFlash Update
WebappsAdditional features and functions are available via WebApp Shop and flash update
myTrafficDataWeb-based application, reporting and data management software
Energy supply
PowerPack12 V / 18 Ah rechargeable battery incl. connection cable
PowerUnit100 - 240 VAC main power supply incl. 12 V / 7 Ah rechargeable battery
SolarPowerUnitHigh efficient solar regulator incl. 12 V / 18 Ah rechargeable battery
SolarSystem50 / 85 W solar panel
SmartBracketPole mounting installation bracket
SmartBracket deepPole mounting installation bracket incl. bay for different energy systems
GPRS modemInternal GPRS modem for global setup, monitoring and file transfer
DataCollectorHandheld device for setup and file transfer
WebappsAdditional features and functions are available via WebApp Shop and flash update
TripodHeavy duty steel or lightweight aluminum tripod for short term mobile measurement
LocksHeavy duty steel locks
Dual sided panel (customized)Dual sided text panel can be customized e.g. logos, etc.
LED flasher2 pcs. high power LED flasher (top left and right corner)
LED textpanelLED single line text (SLOW !; TOO FAST; DANGER)
SmartphoneSmartphone with Android OS and class1 Bluetooth® module