Reduce drivers speed,
increase road safety!


Customers statement about this product

"Solid and robust hardware, lightweight and user-friendly software - The perfect combination"

Benjamin Kromer, Community Bisingen

"In our community about 90% of drivers actually respond with a reduction in driving speed. The product from DataCollect is very reliable and I am very happy with it!"

Udo Lutz, Municipality of Marl

"We are using the radar display with a lot of enthusiasm because the system has an positive effect regarding the drivers speed. The system should be used on all sites where speeding is a problem!"

Mr. Schug, Community Tholey

"An employee of a neighboring village informed me that he likes to ride through Hainau because the DSD face is always smiling at him."

Mr. Alberti, Community Hainau

"Great product, I am absolutely thrilled by the response of motorists which are suddenly find their brake pedal."

Karl Ruzsicska, Community Freigericht