Reduce drivers speed,
increase road safety!

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DSD - The speed information display with immediate driver behavior feedback and efficiency control.

  • Road safety at school zones
  • Road safety in communities
  • Road safety at factory premises

Developed to inform drivers and the community of speed behavior, DSD is a rugged, lightweight radar activated Speed Indication Display that can be used at temporary or permanent locations.

DSD provides a non-confrontational warning to drivers, warning them of their speed via an LED display and putting social pressure on them to decrease speed when required.

Affectionately known as „Smiley SID“ Speed Indication Display, DSD has gained acceptance by its user selectable „Safety Smile“ mode giving a friendly presentation of a serious message, reinforcing safety and educating drivers on site and within our communities.

LED S 01

High performance tri-colour LED´s available (red, amber, green).

Teaser DSD EN S 01

Attachable LED single line text panel available.

Wendeblende S 12

The dual sided  panel can be customized according to your specs.

Wendeblende S 11

The dual sided panel can be utilized during hidden measurements.

Software M 08

myTrafficData will immediately provide efficiency data!

  • What is the current vehicle speed level on this road?
  • How many vehicles are traveling on this road?
  • What vehicle speed reduction could be achieved by the use of the DSD?

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