DataCollect - Systems

Our systems can be used in various applications.
In order to find a suitable system you can also use our tool in Solutions.

Display systems

Teaser DSD 01

DSD - The speed information display with immediate driver behavior feedback and efficiency control.

Teaser eGuard en

eGuard - black spot warning system


Non-intrusive vehicle classification and traffic count

Teaser SDR traffic 01

SDR traffic - The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads.

Teaser SDR bike 02

SDR bike - Non-intrusive traffic sensor system for different detection scenarios.


Traffic count with tape-down sensors

Teaser eTube 01

eTube traffic - The low cost axle detection technology used in various applications.

Teaser eTube bike 02

eTube bike - The innovative tire detection technology is used for bicycle detection.


Measurement of dwell- and travel time

Teaser eScan 01

eScan - The Bluetooth ® scanner for the determination of travel- and dwell time in streets and parking areas.