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  • How do I get traffic data for my traffic noise analysis?
  • How do I get a realistic idea of the speed behaviour?
  • How can I evaluate traffic data fast and clearly?
  • How do I monitor vehicle speeds on our company premises?
  • How can I increase the safety at the school zone of my kid´ s?
  • How can I reduce the speed on a road?
  • How many vehicles are traveling on this road?
  • What is the drivers speed on this road?
  • How can I evaluate traffic data from other manufacturers?
  • How can I manage multiple traffic sites?
  • How can I manage my traffic data in a sensible way?
  • How can I establish an online communicate with my systems?

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    DSD - The speed information display with immediate driver behavior feedback and efficiency control.

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    SDR traffic - The high-performance traffic data classifier for two lane/direction roads.

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    eTube traffic - The low cost axle detection technology used in various applications.

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    myTrafficData - The web-based program package is the communication center for all systems of the Data Collect Traffic Systems GmbH!

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