DataCollect’s commitment to our planet

It is not enough to think about it, we have to act! That's why DataCollect has gone carbon dioxide neutral. Climate protection is part of our corporate culture and corporate goals. We only have one earth!


DataCollect invented the ‘smiley’ face as a behavioural feedback in our speed displays 25 years ago. We continue year on year to introduce innovative products for traffic recording and detection. We have now added environmental data to our enhanced product features and are fully focussed on our manufacturing process and component design to further reduce our CO2 footprint. Our products are now easier than ever to recycle. Coupled this with our solar powered options, it has allowed us to reduce our associated CO2 emissions by half. DataCollect’s commitment to PLANT MY TREE® has established our company as a CO2 neutral partner since January 2021.
This in turn has allowed us to contribute to a climate-friendly future for our planet.

DataCollect is an active climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-TREE®

Forests are the lungs of our world. They provide us with oxygen but also offer a home for countless animals that would otherwise be threatened with extinction. Anyone who has walked through our forests during recent years cannot help noticing their depleted condition. According to the Ministry of Forestry almost 80% of the trees in Germany are sick. Decaying and diseased bark, brown crowns and pest-infested spruces are some of the ailments observed. Furthermore the Ministry has estimated that 2,450 square meters of land must be reforested which is four times the area of Lake Constance.

Together with PLANT-MY-TREE® we support reforestation, which ultimately leads to climate protection.


We are a proud tree sponsor since April 2021!
With 1000 new trees in the Eifel district!

We have offset more then 800 tons of CO2 today. And we hope that we can plant many more trees with the support of our customers.

Would you also like to be a tree sponsor
and make a contribution for a better clima?
Please get in touch with us! Phone: +49 (0) 2273 5956-0

More about PLANT-MY-TREE®

Since 2009 PLANT-MY-TREE® has been carrying out reforestation projects for CO² compensation throughout Germany. The aim is to protect the environment and the climate in Germany.

Since 2020, PLANT-MY-TREE® engages in forest conversion and forest protection projects in addition to initial afforestation and attaches great importance to high biodiversity. The regional conditions are considered and if possible, mixed forests are planted. This creates a natural habitat for insects and animals over decades.

Sustainable tree planting on areas as well as planned project periods of at least 99 years, underline the long-term climate commitment of PLANT-MY-TREE®. At the request of their project partners, they also carry out afforestation in areas made available to them. Each project is individual but they encourage partners to focus on a long-term outcomes for CO2 payback.

A quality experience, satisfied partners and a feeling of accomplishment are important in the area of environmental and climate protection. PLANT-MY-TREE® was successfully certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV Rheinland at the beginning of 2020. This speaks for itself.

Together with many large and small partners, PLANT-MY-TREE® contributes to environmental and climate protection according to the motto "Every tree counts" and "Climate protection is fun" in order to protect and create a world worth living in for future generations.

Links to further information about climate protection and PLANT-MY-TREE®: