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ARGOS permanent

AI traffic Counter and Analyzer

Artificial intelligence
Immediate image processing!

ARGOS permanent is an integrated camera system that transforms traffic flows into instant data, using AI. The recommended install height should be at least 4m above ground level. A permanent AC mains or 12V DC power connection is required. For low light visibility situations ARGOS requires a passive light source (e.g. street light). As with our mobile version of ARGOS, the permanent unit takes advantage of the latest camera technology, helping to reduce glare and shadowing.

ARGOS analyses highway, bicycle and footpath intersections and fully visible roundabouts. It delivers traffic flow data in real time via ethernet or a cell connection to the customer’s own system or to mytrafficdata2.com.
In addition, tailored measurement periods can be uploaded individually to mytrafficdata2.com to obtain more granular results. ARGOS is your first step in building a smart city system. As long as power connections are available, ARGOS can also be used on a cyclic basis at different measurement sites throughout your city or municipality.
Real-time data recording enables traffic flows from a variety of highways to be sent to a master server for further processing. In particular, bicycle and pedestrian counting can be further refined across a wide viewing area. Furthermore occlusion is significantly reduced due to the 4m mounting height.

With it’s compact size (23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm) ARGOS is not immediately recognizable as a camera. By converting the image data in real time into traffic flow data in the system, the data file size is significantly reduced. However video recordings are still available as an option, subject to local bylaws on privacy.

ARGOS can also be used in combination with other media systems e.g. microphones, to provide access in the event of a system malfunction. Please feel free to reach out to DataCollect for further information.

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