Product / System

AirGreen - Environmental Sensor

air quality and noise pollution
data collection and forecasting

AirGreen is an IoT environmental sensor that delivers data every 5 minutes. The data collected includes: noise, NO2 – nitrogen dioxide, O3 – ozone, PM 2.5 and PM 10 – particulate matter and CO2 – carbon dioxide. In addition, temperature, air pressure and humidity readings are also measured. AirGreen is the most cost effective and economic way to collect your environmental data!

With AirGreen, cities and municipalities are able to add the unit into their existing environmental measuring station network, at any time. Increased accuracy is achieved via the self-learning mode, which is continuously updating the unit, even after one year on site. Combined with other traffic survey technologies, AirGreen can corroborate traffic data as well as help with environmental impact studies.

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